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The Colin French Christmas Show is here once again folks! And as always, we're gearing up for the annual mayhem!!! As always, you'll get the full boat of Christmas Hilarity... we've also tossed in a ton of great Old and New Holiday Classics.

With many stations already geared up and ready to run the program, we'll have it ready for download from our affiliate site early December along with several promo's that you can tag out with the date and time of the program. 

The program will have a minimum of 3 breaks for Station Identification and can be played the full 8 hours or shortened if needed, and you can run the program as many times as you'd like. All I ask for in return is that you let me know when and on what station you are planning to run the show.

If you would like to carry the program on your station, please drop me an email at [email protected] or fill in the form and we'll add your station to the list. 

The program is available for download  NOW.